• Prayer level 43 (or higher) for melee protection (all Barrow brothers can hit constant 30's if not using melee prayer, also with Ahrim and Karil You must use melee protect not magic or range protect).
  • Prayer potions - depending on how long You are planning to stay. 5 potions usually are enough (You can buy prayer potions at ::home from Herquin, who is located to the north-west of the landing position, for 8,5k each). No need for food as You will not take any damage with melee protect on.
  • Weapon, Armor of Your choice - depends on what combat style You choose to use/train. No specific combat style is dominant or has a bonus here. Melee, Magic and Range all work fine. Of course the best weapons will come in handy as here tend to be many players and the one dealing most damage gets the drop.
  • (Optional) Magic level 55 for High-Level Alchemy spell (doesn't require any runes) if You are alching the drops. (This spell is in Normal spell book. Switch back at ::ancient or ::lunar if You have previously changed it) DO NOT ALCH NOTED ITEMS. THEY WILL BE 1gp, NO MATTER WHAT ITEM!!

Once ready to fight and on the spot, choose your target and fight. There are 6 brothers (Dharok, Guthan, Torag, Verac, Karil and Ahrim) scattered around in this area. Every brother drops it's own armor set which consist of 4 pieces. Drink Prayer potions when running low on Prayer points.

You can use this time during switching mounds to pick up drops, bury bones, alch items or anything else. You can turn off prayer for these few seconds to save prayer points, if you like, but don't forget turn it back on or it can be costly!

The 6 Brothers:

  • 'Ahrim the Blighted '(Level-98; drops magic set)

  • Karil the Tainted (Level-98; drops ranger set)

  • Guthan the Infested (Level-115; drops melee set)

  • Torag the Corrupted (Level-115; drops melee set)

  • Verac the Defiled (Level-115; drops melee set)

  • Dharok the Wretched (Level-115; drops melee set)

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